Second Life
Rating: 74 out of 100
Developer: Linden Research
Genre: Virtual World
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Second Life is Linden Lab's virtual world game, which launched in 2003, and has gone through many version upgrades and extensions since then. It is a virtual world, with which players interact with different free clients referred to as "viewers". Players or as they are called here: "residents" interact with each other in this world through personalized avatars. The game offers many player-built locations, buildings, programmed objects and much more to explore.

    One key feature is that this game offers a procedural scripting language called Linden Scripting Language, which allows players to attach scripts and programs to any object they make. This allows them to create and sell differently programmed virtual goods, even for real money. Avatars can be about any small object the game has to offer, not only humans. They can travel by flying, walking or slow moving, and by vehicles. Avatars can also communicate with each other via text and voice chat, either publicly or in private between avatars.

    Players can earn Linden$ by working for others or selling virtual goods, and they can convert this to real US dollars, although at a low exchange rate.

    The world features many interesting things, such as real-life religions and embassies having virtual representatives in the game, and its history is rich with controversies about the game as a whole, certain player-built buildings and objects, several outside "viewer" programs and much more.
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