Rating: 80 out of 100
Developer: Notch Development
Genre: Virtual World
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Minecraft is Mojang's first and only game, which is extremely successful, and its successes in alpha and beta periods paved the way for other developers' Early Access programs. Minecraft costs 20 USD or EUR at the official site, which also hosts a Classic version of the game for free without most of the advanced features of the retail version. The game became immensely popular with gamers on almost every platform it was made available on. It is currently on PC, PS3, Ios/Android, and Xbox 360, with each platform having varying versions and capabilities.

    Minecraft is a sandboxy game with two game modes: Survival and Creative. In the Survival mode players try to survive, find food, craft a house or some kind of base for themselves, create weapons, and finally at the culmination of the game face the Ender Dragon in its world if they wish so. The Creative mode allows players to fly around freely and build whatever they want from all of the available blocks and objects. Both modes can be played either in single player or multiplayer. Lots of servers are available with various mods and plugins, from simple builders to complex role-playing to Titanfall-like shooters.

    The game gives huge space to creativity, from simple Lego-like building to programming things, like a lighthouse with rotating lights or even complex system like an 8-bit ALU unit made in Minecraft.These are made with Redstone, a system which is similar to real-world wirings and electronics.
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