Mahjong Match
Rating: 65 out of 100
Developer: Playfizz
Genre: Puzzle
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Mahjong Match is one of many Mahjong games released on the computer. This one in particular is a fairly recent game, released in 2006 by Oberon Games. The rules in this game are mostly the same as in other Mahjong games, and it uses the same tilesets.

    This game is about matching tiles on the conveyor to their counterparts on the board. Most of these require the exact same match, but some tiles like Summer can be put in any other on the board, but award bonus points if put on a matching one. Some power-ups and rule-changing tiles also appear on the conveyor, which change the way you have to think and react to the game. This and the added time limit offer enough pressure to change the way you think about this Mahjong game.

    This game has nice graphics and sound effects, and the added rule-changing variations help differentiate it from other similar games. The problem is that it is not too balanced, with the level difficulty being too apart; easy levels are too easy, hard ones are next to impossible to complete.
  • Coming Soon