World of Pirates
Rating: 69 out of 100
Developer: IceGames Co.
Genre: Fantasy MMO
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • World of Pirates is a browser-based free to play MMORPG set in an accurate 17th century Caribbean Sea. It is developed by WOP-Devteam, a development team specifically working on this title, and published by 4Players in the USA. It doesn't require any install or special browser extensions, so it can be played on any computer with internet access.

    The game has very simple graphics, and a not too complex gameplay, so beginners can quickly jump in. Players can choose from five nations: Spain, England, France, Holland, or Portugal. Nine ship types are available, and each can be upgraded with crew, cannons and speed boosts. Your captain has 5 different skills and 10 specializations to choose from, each affecting his stats.

    Players can be traders, pirates or pirate-hunters.

    This game is not really recommended, as there are far better games to play in the pirate theme, such as Pirates of the Caribbean online, even though that requires downloading an actual client and a better PC to run it on.
  • Coming Soon