Rating: 83 out of 100
Developer: uCool Inc
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Tynon is a free-to-play online social MMORPG developed by uCool Inc, a gathering of independent game developers. The game is Flash-based and runs in browsers. It was launched in 2012. The game had a very rough start, and was relaunched one year later, in 2013.

    Reviewers criticized the relaunch for its too colorful and flashy graphics, which really makes it very hard to distinguish NPC vendors from the backgrounds. Players and their names also can cause difficulty in playing when too many of them are in one area. Also new players can be very disorientated and frustrated at first, because the game's "tutorial" is nothing more than the character automatically running and fighting without the player's input, without any proper explanation of what is happening. This starts right after pressing "done" in character creation.

    The game tries very hard to make the player feel rewarded, with rewards flying out and levels passing by like the player were on a train ride along the way. Login per day? Rewarded. Stay online for a while? Again, rewards. This even makes the game's supposedly tactical, strategic fighting parts meaningless, because it is too easy to get much more powerful than the opposition. PvP is also very random, with no player skill involved. The social part of the game is just like any other MMO's: basic chat system, with a few emoticons added, nothing more.
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