Rating: 78 out of 100
Developer: CipSoft
Genre: Fantasy MMO
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Acting as knights, paladins, sorcerers or druids, players are faced with the challenge of dangerous dungeons and interacting with other players on a social level. In case a brave character does not survive an adventure, he suffers a significant loss in Tibia.

    Besides this harsh death penalty and the unique freedom players enjoy in Tibia it is the infinite character progression in particular that creates a deeply immersive gaming experience.In City of Heroes, players choose from hundreds of powers to define their hero's incredible abilities with a truly limitless combination of costumes and powers. Whether adventuring on solo missions or teaming up with other heroes for nonstop action, players control their own destiny as they root out and vanquish the sources of evil that plague Paragon City.

    Tibia can be played directly in the browser through a web client. In addition, a stand-alone client is available for download on the official website. Though Tibia can be played free of charge, an upgrade to a paid premium account is possible at any time.Due to Tibia's international audience, the official language of the game is English. The majority of fans are Brazilian, Polish, Swedish and US-American. To this day, Tibia is continually updated with new content and features on a regular basis.
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