Rating: 81 out of 100
Developer: Enmasse Entertainment
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • TERA is a korean Third-person action MMORPG operated by EnMasse Entertainment in the USA, and Gameforge by the EU. It originally was released as a subscription-based game in 2012, but it dropped the fee and became completely F2P in early 2013. The game has a huge community of players still active in it, with lots of raiding and PvPing guilds on all servers.

    The game touts itself as the first true action-based MMO. It has 9 different classes such as the Warrior, Lancer, Sorcerer and several others. It is very dependent on player skill, much more than on gear, as almost every attack and heal is a targeted skill-shot, and tanks mostly have to actually dodge or block the enemies' heavier attacks instead of just soaking them up.

    The game features very detailed and high-quality graphics, sounds and music, with tight and responsive controls. It also has standard MMORPG-style quests, many instanced dungeons and open-world bosses, PvP arenas and battlegrounds at the level cap of 60, and the usual features of guilds and alliances. Players can even become exarchs, rulers of an entire continent by joining one of three alliances and succeeding in their elections.
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