SW: The Old Republic
Rating: 76 out of 100
Developer: Lucas Arts
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic was EA and Bioware's flagship MMORPG game. It was originally released in 2011 as a subscription-based game, but was made F2P with serious restrictions almost a year later in 2012's fall. The game was criticized for not fulfilling promises, such as a working Ilum PvP battleground, terrible performance and barely any end-game content. Some content patches were released, but subscriber numbers dipped so low that they had to make the game F2P.

    The game has two factions against each other: the Imperials and the Republic. Both of these factions have specific classes available to them. The game is heavily story-focused just like other Bioware titles: each class has its unique personal story with lots of moral choices and well-developed side characters. Other than the story, the gameplay it basically the same as WoW or other similar MMOs: do lots of "kill ten rats" and FedEx quests, kill mobs, level up and gain new abilities while doing so. Some side distractions are also available, such as Flashpoints (instanced dungeons), PvP battlegrounds (max of 10vs10 size), the player's own spaceship as base and crafting station, and more. Later upgrades also added space missions and player housing as "Galactic Strongholds".

    The F2P restrictions include reward lockouts and weekly availability on Flashpoints and Battlegrounds, additional action bars, expansion content, higher-leveled mounts and much more. These can be unlocked by paying a subscription or by purchasing Cartel Coins and spending them in the in-game store.
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