Naruto Saga
Rating: 70 out of 100
Developer: IceGames Co.
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Naruto Saga is a free to play 2D MMORPG browser game, which is based on the popular Naruto anime. It is published and maintained by IceGames Co., who regularly updates the game with new chapters as the story progresses. The game doesn't require any download, it entirely runs in the browser.

    In this game you pick one from 3 types of ninja schools: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. Each of the three ninja schools promotes different gameplay styles and abilities. Naruto Saga has two battle modes: Bounty in which players are required to defeat a randomly selected enemy player, and Arena which is a ranking-based arena matchmaking system.

    Combat itself is turn-based 1vs1, with players being able to summon up to 3 companions each. Each of these companions has 2 passive and 4 active skills; the latter can be used by pressing the respective keys. These companions include ninjas and spiritual beasts which increase your main ninja's various stats. Players can also create their own farm, which they can use to grow and harvest Summon Fruits to develop their spiritual beasts.

    If you are a fan of Naruto, and enjoy fighting turn-based battles versus other players, then Naruto Saga is your game. It is completely free to play without any hidden costs.
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