Rating: 69 out of 100
Developer: RoCWorks
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Maestia is a free to play 3D Fantasy-themed MMORPG set in a gorgeous world. it is published by Gravity Interactive in the USA, and BigPoint in the EU. Unique feature in this game is that players will find "Maestones" special stones which can be used to enhance equipment and skills.

    There are 4 playable classes; these are pretty standard and bring nothing new to the genre. They are: Mage, Priest, Warrior and Ranger. Each class has 80 different skills, giving them a quite wide array of uses and customizations. Another interesting feature is that in this game, you are able to control dungeon difficulty by the way of a difficulty slider, and they also scale depending on your party. The game also features a large Realm vs Realm battlefield, where the Superion and the Temple Knights factions wage war on each other. Players can join any of these factions to represent them in the realm war.

    The game itself is nothing special, the quests, the dungeons and world are very generic, but PvP can be quite enjoyable due to the huge versatility of different classes. There are far better options for both PvE and PvP game types than this game. Graphics are quite good, but characters are very bland and there are too few choices on customization during character creation.
  • Coming Soon