LOONG Dragonblood
Rating: 65 out of 100
Developer: Gamigo
Genre: Fantasy MMO
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • LOONG Dragonblood is a free to play 3D, fantasy-themed MMORPG which is very similar to World of Warcraft. It is published by Gamigo in the EU and USA. It features an unique art style, and is set in a fantasy rendition of ancient China.

    The game is heavily quest-driven; it has over 1000 quests, which are mostly traditional "kill ten rats" style with lots of texts on the quest NPCs. The game even has an auto-drive function which leads your character automatically to a chosen quest’s objective locations. The game’s kind of generic world and lore is presented through these quest texts. All of the usual MMORPG features such as guilds, marketplaces and 3 on 3 arena PvP are in the game, too. It also has a mentoring system, in which players can be down leveled to their friends' levels to better help them.

    The classless system is a very interesting thing. In this system you level up your character itself, and spend your skill points according to the weapons you want to use. Weapons determine your available abilities on which you can spend these points.

    The visuals are quite nice for a F2P game, but the gameplay is too generic and uninspired to make this game anything above the average.
  • Coming Soon