Dragon Pals
Rating: 80 out of 100
Developer: R2 Games
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Dragon Pals is a browser-based 2D side-scrolling MMORPG published and developed by R2Games. It doesn't require any download or any powerful computer with 3D video cards.

    In this game players choose from 3 distinct classes, these are the Warrior, the Mage and the Archer. Each of these has their own skill sets made up from Attack, Support skills and passive Talents. Players can also tame dragons to function as their pets. Each of these has their own unique skillsets, same as players. They also increase your own character's prowess in battle. As you free, raise and customize your dragons, they will also grow in strength.

    There is also the possibility of gaining offline experience. This is called Exercising, and for this your character must be logged out in an exercise room found in towns. The game also features a PvP arena, which you can play 15 times per day. It is an 1 on 1 battle, with the victorious player taking the place of the defeated one in the ranking. There is also farming, in which players can grow crops on a maximum of 12 slots. These yield experience and resources, so it is a good passive EXP income. Friends are able to accelerate each others' seed growth times.

    If you want to play a MMO that is easy, fun to play and has very low system requirements, and you like dragons, then this game may entertain you for a while.
  • Coming Soon