Dark Orbit
Rating: 83 out of 100
Developer: Bigpoint
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Dark Orbit is a free to play online 2D browser strategy game published and maintained by BigPoint Inc. The game is very similar to many other online browser strategy games; the real difference is that this game is sci-fi themed and plays in space. The game has been translated to 20+ languages, so it is very likely that you have a local version of it.

    You play as a single pilot working for one of the three factions in the game's world where the 3 factions are fighting with invading aliens and each other. They are the Mars Mining Operation, the Earth Industries Corporation and the Venus Resources Unlimited. Choice between these is personal preference (and your friends’), because gameplay-wise everything is the same. Players can choose from the same equipment, ships and have the same mission types to play. You can switch factions, but this comes as a steep cost.

    The game itself is very similar to others in the genre. Almost everything is time-gated, the quests are boring and uninspired, and the cash shop features quite powerful items which unbalance the game. The company’s reputation is quite bad because of abusive moderators and the cash shop, so it is better to avoid this game.
  • Coming Soon