Adventure Quest Worlds
Rating: 70 out of 100
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Adventure Quest Worlds (AQ Worlds) is a 2D fantasy browser based MMORPG by Artix Entertainment. It is based on the original Adventure Quest game, but this one is a full-fledged browser MMO with a persistent world, real time combat and thousands of players. The game does not require any download; it runs in your browser, making it easy to play on any PC with internet access. The game is aimed at casual players, and those aged about 12-16.

    There are 4 free classes, which are the Healer, the Mage, the Rogue and the Warrior. Each of these have a secondary class much later in the game, but paying is required to unlock these, just as the other primary classes. Same goes for many zones and late-game content; a monthly payment is required to keep those unlocked.

    Gameplay itself is similar to many other MMOs: there are tons of monsters to kill, thousands of quests to take and complete, and dungeons to beat. The cosmetic part is heavily present in this game, more so than stats. There are two factions to choose from, and the story doesn't require too much foreign language skills, as it is told in animated cutscenes much more than in words.
  • Coming Soon