Rating: 91 out of 100
Developer: Digital Extremes
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Warframe is a free-to-play third-person 3D online shooter game developed by Digital Extremes for Windows PCs and PlayStation 4. It launched in 2013 for PC, the PlayStation release is supposedly going live in the next few months. The game is about the battle of the ancient, recently reawakened Tenno race fighting the Grinners, a race of humanoid-looking clones created by the currently ruling mega-corporation.

    Warframe places heavy emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Up to four players must work together on a variety of missions, such as defending a point, rescuing hostages, assassinating designated targets and so on. Players are equipped with the titular Warframes, which are battlesuits determining their statistics and available abilities. They can also carry three different weapons: a primary, heavier weapon such as a machinegun, a secondary such as a machine pistol, and a melee such as knives or swords. Levels are generated procedurally from pre-determined sets, so no two missions are the exact same. There are 13 mission types in total. By completing missions you gain Affinity points for your equipment, which can be used to upgrade them with modifications.

    The game received quite mixed reviews, but it can be a fun co-op shooter to play with a few friends for a while.
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