Soldiers Inc
Rating: 80 out of 100
Developer: Plarium
Genre: RTS
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Soldiers Inc is an online social real-time strategy game developed and maintained by Plarium. It is run on Facebook. The first thing players may notice is that the game has surprisingly good music for a social Facebook game; this is because the game's composer is Jesper Kyd.

    The game is set in 2019, in a fictional African republic which is called Zandia. Multiple nations are fighting over resources in the Sahara desert region of this republic, and the player steps in. An overseer called Mr. Black guides the player through the tutorial missions, and the immersion is high, because he has a competent voice actor. However, when the tutorial ends it soon becomes clear that the actual game is nothing much more than the traditional Facebook spammy, begging, resource-limited game. Battles are just some abstract things represented by numbers on the reports, and the game often tries to remind players of speeding up construction, buying more resources and such things, directing them to the game's cash shop.

    The graphics are nothing special, and are just acceptable for a Flash-based game. Same goes for the gameplay, which just follows the other similar strategy game's footsteps, and apart from the audio, doesn't even try to stand out with anything.
  • Coming Soon