Price is Right
Rating: 60 out of 100
Developer: GSN
Genre: Casual Game
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Price is Right is a U.S. quiz game show, in which contenders have to guess the retail prices of different items shown to them. The game has three distinct stages. The first is where four contenders are called in from the crowd, with the job to underbid each other until someone guesses the retail price. In the second one, winners of the first stages race with each other using a spinning wheel. In the third part the two winners of the spinning wheel part try to outbid each other, getting closer to the shown items' retail prices.

    There are quite a few video games made from this popular TV show, with this game being one of them. Players can play with their friends in live multiplayer or with random strangers. The game is faithful to the show, although it doesn't use the real announcers or other similar assets due to money and Flash constraints. All three distinct stages are in-game, with lots of different items to guess the price.
  • Coming Soon