Hero Zero
Rating: 80 out of 100
Developer: European Games Group
Genre: MMO
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Hero Zero is a simple browser-based free to play tamagotchi-style superhero game developed by Playata GmbH. It is a simple Facebook game with the usual spamming and begging friends element added to it like most others of this genre.

    In this game players create their hero or heroine, distribute its stats and choose its superpower. Then they undertake missions which give XP. These are just simple waiting missions, which only have some descriptive text about the scenario the player's character is in. There is also PvP, which is the only well-animated part of the game. This PvP is bad, because the players can only watch their characters fight it out automatically, with absolutely zero control over them. It all comes down to their stat numbers. The game also has an Energy bar, limiting the number of missions and actions the hero can take in a day, just like other Facebook games.

    This game is not recommended to play, as it is just about numbers and some clicking to get the hero to do a mission, with no actual control over the gameplay.
  • Coming Soon