Desert Operations
Rating: 58 out of 100
Developer: Looki Publishing GmbH
Genre: Strategy
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Desert Operations is a browser-based free to play MMO strategy game set in modern-day Iraq. It doesn't require any install or special browser extensions, so it can be played on any computer with internet access. Graphics are simple 2D with no fancy effects. The game is operated by Looki Publishing. It is a very casual game, meant for short bursts of few minutes of play.

    The game is in many ways similar to other online browser-based strategy games. You register on a server, and you will be thrown in a completely random place with your starting base. You have 7 days (real-time) in which you are protected from enemy players, so that is a perfect time to get some new allies or join an Alliance. This game doesn't have a forced introductory tutorial like many other similar ones, instead it just tells you information about things and has a few very small intro quests in the beginning. Apart from that, the community and developers a have built a wiki with all the info a player can need.

    This game is recommended to try if you like military-themed strategy games, although it suffers from the same problems all other similar online RTS games do. Examples of it include higher-leveled and more developed players crushing beginners and demanding impossible to meet requirements for peace. This is the nature of the genre, not this game's fault.
  • Coming Soon