Deal or No Deal
Rating: 45 out of 100
Developer: GSN
Genre: Casual Game
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • Deal or No Deal is an U.S. television game show in which contenders have to answer quiz questions and try to end the game at the right time, with the most average money remaining. There are 26 suitcases, each having a value between 0.1$ and 1,000,000$. As the contender progresses with the rounds, he/she has to remove several suitcases on round finishes, and the amount that was in these will be revealed. When the player decides it is "Deal" time, he ends the game and wins the average of the money remaining in the suitcases.

    This show has several video games made from it, this being one of them. The game recreates the TV show's gameplay, although it provides next to none immersion, as it purely focuses on the briefcase-opening aspect without any quiz questions or anything. The graphics are very simple, with the values on the left and right side, and the locked suitcases being in the center of the screen. The game retains these strategic elements of the show, but nothing else remains of it, as the presentation is too simple to actually recreate the show's atmosphere.
  • Coming Soon