Rating: 75 out of 100
Developer: Tacticsoft
Genre: Strategy
Free to Play: Yes
Monthly Fee: No
  • BattleDawn is a browser-based free to play online MMO Real-time Strategy game published and maintained by Tacticsoft. The game's uniqueness in the genre is that it features three kinds of servers: Earth, Mars or a generic fantasy realm. These pose different challenges to the players. These servers aren't permanent; they occasionally reset them to give new players chance, but this can alienate older players because they lose everything they worked for. Players must form alliances with each other and work together to reach the end-game goal. The victory condition is that players capture all 10 relics on the map. When this is reached, victors are declared and the server is reset.

    The game is highly pay-to-win, with many different boosts, resource bonuses and more available for real money. The graphics are mostly average, and are just for the looks; there are neither advantages nor disadvantages for placing the player's first base on any kind of terrain. Battles are also just numbers, without players actually fighting it out on the battlefield.

    There are no downloads required to play this game, so it works on almost any kind of computer with a browser and internet access; the game is Flash-based.
  • Coming Soon